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ROMAC’s Inventory Control & Purchasing has now been combined into one product. This powerful program is designed specifically for the structural & miscellaneous steel industry. The inventory control module simulates a familiar card file system. The “card” for an individual section can be displayed on the screen or a printout can be made. The purchasing module allows you to enter and print a steel bill of material order list with weights, unit prices, and price extensions. The two modules can be used separately as standalone programs or they can be integrated together.

Features Include:
  • Simplified Data Entry
  • HEAT # Tracking
  • Size & Quantity Tracking
  • Location & Status Tracking
  • Auto-Calculations
  • Mill/Warehouse Ordering
  • Expedite Ordering
  • Comprehensive Reporting

System Requirements

The Romac applications are supported on Windows 7, Windows 10 and most versions of Windows Server. They will run on Windows XP and Windows 8.1 but are not support those systems and we may not be able to help if any problems relating to the operating system arise. If running on Windows Server, the programs must be run through Terminal Services.

Our software will run on systems with the minimum amount of memory required for the operating system. The amount of disk space needed on the system where the data files are stored will vary dependent on the number of projects, MTRs, etc. you keep on the system.

Most installations will be configured to store the data files on a server with the programs installed onto workstations. With this configuration, all workstations would share the same data on the server. The Production Control, inventory /Purchasing and Estimating programs are multi-user capable and multiple users can safely access the same data files.

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Simplified Data Entry

Steel fabricating industry standard nomenclature, single key entry of fractions, menu driven commands, and on screen prompts combine to simplify data entry. Structural and Plate sections are referenced by their actual description such as W 8 x 18, L 3 x 3 x 1/4, or PL 1/2. Unit prices can be entered as per pound, hundred weight, linear foot, square foot, each, or lump sum.

Inventory Maintenance

In addition to quantity on hand and size, the following information can be maintained for each individual item within the inventory: LOCATION, STATUS (stock, reserved, or allocated), JOB NUMBER (if reserved or allocated), HEAT NUMBER (or other identifying mark), REMARK, P.O. NUMBER, VENDOR, and UNIT COST.

Quarterly Consumption Record

A quarterly consumption record can be maintained for the previous two years. Usage is reported in lbs., lin. ft., or pieces.


Weight units and total weights are calculated by the program.

Integration w/ Other Applications

MS Excel and KISS files can also be exported from Inventory Control for use in third-party applications.

Mill/Warehouse Ordering

The Purchase Order program can be used for mill or warehouse purchases. The program allows you to enter a different mill mark, roll date or delivery date, and job number for each purchase order item.

Expedite Orders

An expedite function allows you to enter an expedite date for each purchase order. A listing of open purchase orders can be produced based upon the expedite date.

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