Plate Nesting - Version 2.5

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The Romac Plate Nesting program is designed to assist in determining layouts for cutting plates, sheets, and other rectangular stock. The program supports shearing, flame cutting, or sawing operations.

Features Include:
  • Material list can include up to 100 different finish size entries and 10 different cut from size entries. Each entry can contain quantities of up to 9999 pieces.
  • Individual piece identification can be maintained.
  • User has the ability to edit, save, recall, or print the material list. The printout includes a plot of the nested pieces.
  • Sizes are entered in inches and fractions, decimal inches, or milimeters.
  • Various combinations of cut from sizes can be analyzed to obtain the most economical material usage.
  • Program is easy to learn and easy to use. Free telephone support is available (if you need it).

System Requirements

The program is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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Plate Nesting 2.5

Plate Nesting Version 2.5 enhancements:

You can now import bill of material data directly into the nesting program.  The previous data import utility has been integrated into the nesting program.  A separate project will be created for each imported list.  You can import Excel files and kiss format files.  Kiss format files are available from Tekla, SDS/2, Autodesk’s Advance Steel, P2 Programs, Softscan, Romac Production Control and selected other applications.

A new feature allows you to populate the ‘Cut From’ list using pre-entered lists of quantities and sizes.

For a limited time, discount pricing is available for upgrades from Version 2.1 of the nesting program.  Email with the License ID from your version 2.1 program for additional information.

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