You will receive a License ID for each for each license purchased.  You will also be assigned a Customer ID and password.  The Customer ID and password can be used to access the License Portal where you can view your licenses and change your company information.  The License ID and password can be used to activate the software license on a single workstation.

When a Romac program is installed onto your computer for the first time, it will begin a 30-day evaluation period.  You can use the License ID and password to activate the software at any time during or after the evaluation period.  To activate a product, you must be connected to the internet and you should use the online activation option.  Do not use the manual activation option.

During the evaluation period, you can use the Options or Maintenance menu selections within the program to activate the product.  After the evaluation period, you must use the activation method displayed at program startup.

If you have the Romac program(s) installed onto multiple computers, it is important that you maintain a log listing License ID, Computer Name and User Name for each installed license.  This information is necessary in order to transfer the license if you lose access to the computer through hardware failure, etc.


To transfer a license from an existing computer to a replacement computer, you must first deactivate the license on the existing computer.  To deactivate, use the Options or Maintenance menu selection within the program.  Once deactivated, you can activate the license on the replacement computer using the License ID and your password.

If you do not have access to the existing computer, you must contact Romac support to void the existing license and get a replacement License ID.  There may be a charge for this service.


The License Portal can be used to access your licensing information, update your company information and change passwords.  It is important that you update your email address as this is the only way to access your password if it is lost.

Currently, you cannot purchase products or create a new customer account through the License Portal.

License Portal URL :

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