Can I use the software on more than one computer?

You must purchase a separate license for each computer.

How can I view a report without printing?

For the reports that do not have an option to print to screen, you can print them to a PDF file.  There are several PDF applications but our favorite is pdfFactory.  It is economical and allows you to view the report before printing or saving to a file.  You can also delete the PDF without printing or saving.  The program is available from

I cannot access my network or mapped drives within the Romac applications.

On some installations of Windows 10, network drives and/or mapped drives do not show in the Romac Series 8 applications.  See for suggested solutions to the problem.

What is kerf allowance?

Kerf is the amount of material taken out by the cutting operation.

What is squaring allowance?

For Length Nesting, this is the amount of material taken off each end of the ‘cut from’ material if squaring cuts are required.  For Plate Nesting, this is the amount of material taken from each of the four sides of the ‘cut from’ material.

What is rotate allowed?

For Plate Nesting, this determines if a ‘to cut’ piece can be rotated 90 degrees for better material utilization.  For materials such as grating with bearing bars or materials where a grain direction must be maintained, you would not allow rotate and consistently keep the grain (or bearing bar) in either the width or length direction.

What is maximum shearable length?

For Plate Nesting, if cutting on a shear this would be the maximum length that the shear will cut.  If torch cutting or where there is no limit on the cut length, enter 0 for this value.

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