ROMAC Program Integrations

ROMAC integrates with the following software products

Advance Steel detailing software is built on the AutoCAD platform. Structural engineering professionals use the software to help accelerate design, steel detailing, steel fabrication, and steel construction.


SoftScan is a generic Bill of Material scanner designed to read from various CAD systems that generates reports for fabrication and produces various output formats for production management. It’s a fully customizable scanner capable of understanding almost every different kind of bill of material.

The Steel Tracking System from P2 Programs gives you the ability to uniquely identify each piece of steel with a barcode serial number. The data is then transmitted to your customers for shipping and receiving purposes. This provides an electronic verification of information that has traditionally been saturated with errors due to the overwhelming amount of manual paperwork. The use of barcoded steel provides for a virtually error-free data collection environment.

SDS/2 Detailing from Design Data offers the highest level of automation and intelligence available in 3D steel detailing.

Models created with Tekla BIM software carry the accurate, reliable and detailed information needed for successful Building Information Modeling and construction execution. Welcome smoother workflow to your company with Tekla Structures and constructible models. Tekla works with all materials and the most complex structures – you set the limits. Our customers have used Tekla Structures to model stadiums, offshore structures, plants and factories, residential buildings, bridges and skyscrapers.

ROMAC Import/Export Integrations

Import Files Supported - For Estimating & Production Control


KISS files created by Tekla, SDS/2, Advance Steel, P2 Programs and Softscan


An older SDS/2 standard

Export Files Supported


KISS files can be exported from Production Control.

MS Excel Files

Files can be exported that are compatible with Excel from Production Control and Inventory.

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